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Brief Introduction

MINE HISTORY: The Golegohar Mining Area, which its exploration started in 1969, consisted of six mining zones. Following the exploration, in 1974, the mines were allocated to Iran Foolad National Company that performed the air geophysical investigation and different complementary stages of exploration as well as the mining engineering.

  • GOLGOHAR COMPANY: Golgohar Mining and Industrial CO. was organized and registered in Sirjan City in 1991, with wider expertise vision to be developed with excellence, innovation in the field of iron ore pellet production and steal industries.

The Company after successful achievement in the mine extraction permission in 1993, as one of the largest iron ore and iron pellet producer complex in Iran, started construction of the plants adjacent to the six iron mine zones, at 55 km southwest of Sirjan City, 250 km far from the center of Kerman Province.

As a begging in 1994, the extraction operation of Zone No.1 mine succeeded on the association of General Assembly of the Company in 2003, the Golgohar Company was changed from Private Limited Stocks to Public Shareholders and its shares were offered in the Iranian Stock Exchange.