Our Vision:

- Athletic and Professional Sport: A Leading Club, based on International Standards and a Successful Model of Club Management in Iranian Sports.
- Gol-Gohar Family Sport: Active, Healthy, Lively and Interested in all kinds of Health-oriented Sports.

Our Mission:

- Athletic and Professional Sport: Fundamental and Professional Development of Sports and Playing a Significant Role in the Management of Sports Talents.
- Gol-Gohar Family Sport: Liveliness and Dynamism of the Work and Family Environment by Providing Attractive and Diverse Sports Services.

Our 10 Core Values:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Interaction
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Program-oriented
  • Excellence
  • Organizational Learning

The Introduction and History of the Club

A systematic approach to sports has a long history at Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company. In 1987, a group of employees formed the Golgohar Workers Football Team with enthusiasm and interest to participate in local competitions. With the formation of this team, sports activities officially began in the company. Gradually, in addition to football, teams for volleyball, wrestling, basketball, karate, and other sports were also established, and the activities of each of these fields were organized under the newly established Sports Department. Subsequently, in 1997, due to the high potential for sports in Sirjan city and the growth of workers sports, Golgohar Cultural and Sports Club of Sirjan was officially registered with license number 4448 by the General Directorate of Sports and Youth of Kerman Province (formerly known as the Provincial Physical Education Directorate), and its activities commenced. Following the official launch of the Golgohar Sports Club, there was a more professional and systematic approach to labor, professional, championship, and general sports, as well as cultural activities. As sports activities increased, there was a need to create,develop, and equip sports infrastructure. Consequently, for more than two decades since the establishment of the club's activities, the policy of seriously pursuing the development of sports infrastructure has been in alignment with the strategy of Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company. After the Golgohar football team was promoted to the Premier League and incompliance with the regulations of the Asian Football Confederation and the Football Federation of Iran, the club has continued its sports and club.

The New Strategy of Golgohar Sirjan's culture and Sports Club

Industrial and Mining Company has made a significant investment in the development of professional sports in Sirjan, resulting in the rise of the Golgohar football team in Iran's Premier Football League and a notable improvement in the region's sports infrastructure. As a result, Sirjan has become one of Iran's active sports hubs, enhancing the local community's relationship with Golgohar. To identify, cultivate, and promote athletic talents, Golgohar Club has launched a new initiative that involves establishing a professional champion academy for football, track and field, basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling. The academy will have a systematic approach and benefit from the scientific experience of prominent national coaches, which is expected to transform Iran's sports arena. Recognizing the southeastern region's limited contribution to Iranian sports teams' medal baskets in the Asian and Olympic Games, the Golgohar collection aims to strengthen professional sports in the area by leveraging technical and structural capabilities. The goal is to nurture a new generation of champions in fields with potential for development, bringing pride and honor to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Football Team