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For the presence of Sirjani women in Golgohar Stadium,all passion and excitement

1402/05/18 25 12

On Wednesday,Auguest 9th,the Match of Golgohar Sirjan Vs Foulad Khouzestan in Golgohar Stadium in the first week of the 23 rd persian Gulf league, and an important event: Sirjani women qualified for Golgohar Stadium for the first time in country ‘ s history, women in a city other than Tehran were able to step into the stadium to none stop cheer on their favorite team , from begining to the end of the match .Final result was 3-0 for Golgohar, local media made headlines:Sirjani women were well omend and lucky. Apart from the blessed breath of women presence in this match, the manner of their presence was commendable. The rare passion and excitement that the Sirjani women displayed was far from any problem and became an honorable document which destribute along all the most of Iranian media and even the head coach of the oppossing team praised the way Golgohar and the fans were hosted in the press conference and wished all the teams in the country support their teams like Golgohar fans.Golgohar Cultural and Sports Club , due to its macro policies, provided the standards in the establishment of its own stadium in a way that from the laws is considered as one of the few Iranian stadiums that women are able to attend as well and nothing but the praise come after the name of GOLGOHAR.